Pre-Surgical Rehab.

What is Pre-Surgical Rehab?

Pre Surgical Rehabilitation prepares your body to avoid post surgical complications and make the planned surgery an easy go.

Pre-Surgical Rehab.

Under the direction of a physical therapist, patients can safely prepare for and recover from surgery during pre-surgery rehabilitation. Prior to surgery, physical therapy can assist to minimise discomfort and inflammation. It increases joint mobility and range of motion to help customers prepare for a better surgical outcome. Pre-surgical rehabilitation is a personalised exercise conditioning programme that prepares muscles for the exercises that will be required after surgery. Pre-surgical rehabilitation assists patients in reducing pain, increasing stamina, improving general fitness, restoring range of motion, and regaining strength and flexibility in the joints and muscles surrounding the affected area. Physical therapy before surgery leads to a faster recovery and better outcomes.

How it works ?

This entails exercising to condition the physique. This step is just as critical as post-surgery therapy. According to studies, the knee's functional capacity post-surgery is influenced by its functional ability prior to the procedure.

Improving your strength now can help you recover more quickly after surgery. Some programmes can help you stay in the hospital for less time and require less post-operative rehabilitation. Your physical therapist will assess your strength, balance, flexibility, joint stability, cardiovascular fitness, and range of motion, among other things. Depending on your needs, most pre-operative rehabilitation programmes take four to six weeks.


  • Faster recovery
  • Fewer complication
  • Less anxiety

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