Chiropractic procedure is used to improve spinal movement and posture correction.


Chiropractic adjustment is a treatment in which trained experts (chiropractors) apply a regulated, abrupt force to a spinal joint with their hands or a small device. The purpose of this therapy, also known as spinal manipulation, is to improve your body's physical function and spinal motion.

Why is it done this way?

The most common conditions for which people seek chiropractic treatment are low back pain, neck discomfort, and headaches.


When conducted by someone who has been trained and licensed to provide chiropractic care, chiropractic adjustments are safe. Serious problems from chiropractic adjustments are uncommon, however they can include:

  • A herniated disc or aggravation of an existing disc herniation
  • Nerve compression in the lower spinal column
  • A form of stroke following neck manipulation


  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • loss of strength in an arm or leg
  • Spinal cancer
  • An higher risk of stroke
  • An upper neck bone anomaly.

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