Mulligan Technique

Mulligan Technique helps you to perform activities of daily life within the normal range of motion.

Mulligan Technique

Mulligan Technique is a passive accessory joint mobilization applied following the principals of Kalterborn. Mulligan concept involves different mobilizing techniques to treat. This technique treats spine and limbs effected by damage to spine.

Mulligan Techniques are of Three types:

  1. SNAGs : Sustain Natural apophyseal glides can be applied to all spinal points sacroiliac joint and ribcage.
  2. NAGs : Natural apophyseal glides to be practices under the guidance of your therapist.
  3. MWMs : (Mobilization with Movement s) is designed to reduce pain and improve the range of motion of patient.
    1. Benefits:

      • Reduces Pain
      • Increase Pain free Range of Motion.
      • Increases function.
      • Reduces joint stiffness

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